Stuckness: America's Multiplying Seniors

Stuckness: So Many Seniors!!!

You may have heard that America is getting older. But perhaps you haven’t seen the hard numbers. Study the next chart, drawn from population forecasts prepared by Social Security, and ponder its long-term implications.

It compares the rise in America’s seniors, those of us sixty-five-plus in age, with the rise in working age Americans, those of us between twenty and sixty-four. Working age Americans grow in number only slowly; senior numbers grow explosively.

From 2005 to 2045, Americans in the working age cohort are expected to grow from 180 million to 219 million, a gain of 21%.

Meanwhile, America’s population of seniors is expected to grow by an astounding 125%, from 37 million to almost 84 million.

It’s a staggering disparity, a tectonic shift, one for which America isn’t the least bit ready. Social Security will be hammered. America’s healthcare budgets will be hammered.